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Mychael Urban Reportedly Returning To KNBR 680

The Bay Area Sports Guy is reporting that sources indicate Mychael Urban will soon be returning to work at KNBR 680. Urban was dropped from his weekend show prior to the season but will reportedly resume his duties after the All Star break. Urban has spent much of his time lately working as the MLB Insider at CSN Bay Area. It sounds like Urban would be resuming the role he held through last season, which included a pre-game show at the Public House at AT&T Park and some post-game work.

In discussing the move, BASG pointed to several possible reasons for the return of Urban and one has to imagine the moves of Sports Radio 95.7 have to be playing into this. 95.7 added Dan Dibley and likely had some level of interest in Urban given his general popularity. By giving back these various duties, you improve your own programming and prevent the competition from adding quality talent.

We'll keep an eye on this situation, but make sure to also check out the Bay Area Sports Guy as he seems to be tuned in to this situation. He is a regular contributor at SB Nation Bay Area and runs his own website so check him out as this story continues to develop.