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San Francisco Giants Injury Update: Freddy Sanchez, Apparent Right Shoulder

Another day, another injury to a big contributor to the World Series champions of yesteryear. Such is the life for fans of the 2011 San Francisco Giants. Oh well, those rings are still shiny, right?

Freddy Sanchez dove to stop a hit by Brandon Phillips in the top of the fourth inning. He dived too far apparently, as he landed awkwardly on his shoulder and immediately went down in pain. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, he was mouthing 'shoulder' when he left the field and several astute Giants fans watching at home picked it up. So it could be something like a dislocation/separation.

Brandon Crawford came in to play shortstop, and Emmanuel Burriss moved over to play second. This is probably the spark the Giants needed to get going on offense. Expect a ten run explosion anytime now. 

Follow the game in live action at McCovey Chronicles. SB Nation Bay Area will have updates on the injury when we know the extent of the issue.