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Giants vs. Reds Starting Lineups: Aaron Rowand In, Andres Torres Out

Well, the Giants ended up with a loss in game one against the Reds, so the addition of Nate Schierholtz into the lineup didn't provide the kind of spark they needed to get things done. Well, things are shuffled once again as Burriss is the leadoff man and playing shortstop, while Aaron Rowand is back in center field. The catcher position continues to be a revolving door as Chris Stewart will be catching for the Giants. This lineup is almost completely different from game one.

Pitching for the Giants is Ryan Vogelsong, who has been great lately, with a 4-1 record since replacing Barry Zito in the lineup. Vogelsong is also pretty good at hitting, which should bode well for him and the Giants. The Reds will be sending Travis Wood to the mound to get back on track after his loss in his most recent outing.

Your San Francisco Giants:

1. Manny Burriss SS
2. Miguel Tejada 3B
3. Freddy Sanchez 2B
4. Cody Ross RF
5. Pat Burrell LF
6. Aubrey Huff 1B
7. Aaron Rowand CF
8. Chris Stewart C
9. Ryan Vogelsong P

Cincinnati Reds Lineup:

1. Drew Stubbs CF
2. Brandon Phillips 2B 
3. Joey Votto 1B
4. Jay Bruce RF
5. Scott Rolen 3B
6. Chris Heisey LF
7. Ryan Hanigan C
8. Paul Janish SS
9. Travis Wood P