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Giants vs. Mets MLB Schedule Preview: Tim Lincecum Looking To Even Up His Record

A lot of good things happened for the San Francisco Giants in game one against the New York Mets. Decent pitching was actually backed up with run support, and there isn't a better Giant to finish things off with a homerun in the tenth inning than the struggling Aubrey Huff. Now they can use that game for momentum and make it the norm, or it can be an outlier in what truly has been a miserable run thus far. Will all due respect to the Washington Nationals, the Giants should have escaped that four-game set with more than one win.

With Mike Fontenot driving in two runs and Brian Wilson getting a solid save on top of the Huff homerun, maybe it's the beginning of a turn-around for the Giants early in this season. It could also signify a turnaround for pitching ace Tim Lincecum, currently sporting a losing record (2-3) on the year, despite a good ERA (2.90). Lincecum takes the mound tonight for San Francisco and he's looking to recover from two straight losing decisions in which he's pitched 13.1 innings, giving up thirteen hits, eight runs and six walks with thirteen strikeouts.

He'll be dueling Chris Capuano for the Mets, who gave up four runs off of ten hits in just over five innings in his last outing. He's 2-2 with a 6.04 ERA on the season. Capuano is hoping for as much run support as his colleague got in a losing effort in game one, he'll be depending on Jose Reyes, who reached base six times in game one, Ike Davis and Carlos Beltran, the latter two of which had homeruns of two and three runs respectively.

Lincecum needs to get confident early and start dealing from first pitch to really carry the Giants throughout this game. That's really the only key at this point, everyone will be watching with morbid curiosity to see if game one was indicative of their play, or if it was the exception to the rule that the Giants can't hit at this point in the season.