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Buster Posey Undergoes Ankle Surgery, Prepares For Rehab

Buster Posey underwent a 90-minute surgical procedure on Sunday and has been basically ruled out for the season. Giants trainer Dave Groeschner didn’t get specific about the date, but seemed to agree with that prognosis:

“I would think so,” Groeschner said when asked if Posey will be ready for the 2012 opener. “I think it’s a good prognosis. It’s a long road from here. I mean, he just had a very devastating injury that required surgery. He still has a long rehab process to go. We’re optimistic.”

Posey’s surgery focused on the torn ligaments in his left ankle. His broken left fibula is a fairly basic injury that should heal on its own. He had two screws inserted into his left leg to reposition and repair the ankle ligaments and also had his ankle joint smoothed.

Posey will be on crutches for two months after which the screws will be removed. He will then remain on crutches for another month after that, which would take him potentially into late August or early September before he’s even off crutches. If that’s the case, it’d be shocking to see him rehabilitated and playing by even the playoffs.

Posey could reportedly have additional arthroscopic surgery in the offseason to deal with any scar tissue build-up in the area. Beyond that, the doctors think he will be ready in time for the start of spring training.