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Buster Posey Injury: The Medical Facts And Opinions Of His Broken Leg And Ankle Injury

SB Nation recently added a new writer to the fold in the form of Dr. Ali Mohamadi. Dr. Mohamadi runs a private practice in Washington, DC and will be providing medical analysis for SB Nation on a variety of subjects. In a good bit of timing, his first post in this new role was an analysis of Buster Posey’s injury this week.

There has been some conflicting information as to the severity of the ankle injury. This is important information because the ankle injury, as opposed to the broken leg, could be what dictates Posey’s return. The broken fibula would have him out either way, but a fibula generally heals a little bit easier than torn ligaments. The San Francisco Chronicle described the ligaments as severely strained, while described the ligaments as torn.

Dr. Mohamadi took Giants trainer Dave Groeschner’s description to mean they’re likely torn. He provided the following surgery and rehabilitation description for the injury:

If indeed Posey requires surgical repair of the affected ligaments, typically the procedure would be followed by cast immobilization for 6-8 weeks and then partial weight bearing for an additional 3-4 weeks. After immobilization, traditional therapy can be started focusing initially on improving the range of motion of the ankle followed by strengthening exercises, and balance training. Screws are often removed at 3 months following surgery, with recovery taking between 4-6 months, total.

If Posey was on the early end of that 4-6 month timeline he could potentially be available in October if the Giants made the playoffs. It does not appear surgery has taken place yet. Posey indicated he would no more after surgery but that it was highly likely that he would not be back this season.