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Buster Posey Injury: Should Bengie Molina Report To The White Courtesy Phone?

The San Francisco Giants have not yet released official news on the extent of Buster Posey’s lower leg injury, but unofficial reports indicate Posey has suffered a broken leg and some form of ligament damage. Assuming this is true, Posey would apparently be headed for the 15-day disabled list, and possibly the 60-day disabled list. Either way he is out for an extended period of time still to be determined.

For now Eli Whiteside will handle the catching duties, while newly recalled Chris Stewart will be his backup. The question is whether the Giants are comfortable with Whiteside handling their dominant pitching staff. He has struggled on offense and remains likely suited for a backup role.

One name that has already popped up for fans is former Giants catcher Bengie Molina. The Giants dealt him away last year when they decided Posey was set to be the number one catcher. Posey’s emergence made the decision easy and so Molina was sent to Texas. It was quite the coincidence as the Rangers and Giants ended up squaring off in the World Series.

Molina has been mulling retirement since the end of last season. Should the Giants consider bringing him back? While he was no Buster Posey last year, Molina’s numbers were better than Whiteside and he brings some semblance of leadership and a familiarity with the young Giants pitchers.