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Buster Posey Injury: MRI Scheduled For Thursday Morning To Determine Extent Of Apparent Ankle Injury

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey will undergo an MRI Thursday morning to further evaluate the extent of the apparent ankle injury he suffered in a brutal collision at home plate Wednesday night. Posey had x-rays Wednesday night but word was not released regarding the results.

I need to double-check this, but it is my understanding that the MRI would be used to determine ligament damage beyond any possible broken bones. A broken bone is bad enough, but ligament damage would likely extend any stay on the disabled list for Posey.

As indicated in the link above, if Posey does go on the DL Eli Whiteside would become the team’s number one catcher. Chris Stewart, currently playing at AAA Fresno would likely be brought up to fill the primary backup role. If Posey’s injury requires an extended stay on the disabled list, I’d have to imagine the Giants would begin looking at possible short-term trade options. Hopefully that’s not necessary, but we’ll know more later Thursday morning.