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Bryan Stow Assault Suspect, Giovanni Ramirez, Identified In Police Lineup

Giovanni Ramirez, one of two suspects in the Dodger Stadium assault on Bryan Stow, was put through a police lineup on Wednesday and successfully identified by at least one witness. Naturally his attorney, Anthony Brocklier believes this is a case of mistaken identification. He spoke about how often witnesses think they're telling the truth, but that doesn't mean they're right. Charges have not yet been filed against Ramirez as the police finalize their case before presenting it to the district attorney's office. In the meantime, Ramirez is being held in jail on a parole hold.

Without seeing the other individuals included in the lineup, it's tough to say whether the identification will hold up. However, a recently released previous mug shot (date not determined) would indicate that there is a distinct similarity between Ramirez and the sketch police have been using for the past two months.

I was going to post the picture here, but the LAPD has apparently been sending around take-down notices because it was leaked without proper permission. I'm checking with SB Nation legal about posting the picture as there are probably some first amendment rights for posting it. Until I hear otherwise, rather than deal with the LAPD, here are various links to check out the mug shot. I recommend comparing the mugshot to the picture at the top of our Bryan Stow story stream. I think you can see some serious similarities:

Mug Shot picture #1
Mug Shot picture #2