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Giants vs. Marlins: Buster Posey's Ankle Injury (Picture, GIF)

In the ninth inning of a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins, Aubrey Huff singled and drove in both Pat Burrell and Freddy Sanchez to tie the game. Following that, disaster struck. Huff's heroics were forgotten in the twelfth inning, when Buster Posey went down with an injury somewhere on his left lower body. After watching some replays, it was immediately clear that it was his left ankle that is hurt in some way.

Posey was blocking the plate in the top of the twelfth and Scott Cousins came rushing in. The Nate Schierholtz throw beat him there (as his throws so often do), but Posey doesn't make the catch and Cousins absolutely obliterates him, sending his upper body back and his lower body forward while he's already leaning his upper body forward.  His left ankle clearly twisted, and he was helped off of the field without putting any weight on it at all. One has to feel like it would have been better if the Giants just lost the game.

He's presently getting x-rays, we don't know his status as of now, but there is an unsettling picture after the jump. Just click to continue reading to see it.



And here's a .gif image: