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Suspect Arrested In Beating Of Giants Fan Bryan Stow

Word out of Los Angeles is that the LAPD has arrested a suspect in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow. Back on Opening Day, Stow was attacked in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium and had since been in a medically-induced coma. He has opened his eyes since then, but he remains in critical condition.

According to the LA Times, a SWAT team busted into a three-story East Hollywood apartment at 7:00am Sunday morning with an arrest warrant. The team used loudspeakers to call out of the occupants of Apartment 25 before forcibly removing the occupants. The man arrested had a bald head with tattoos on his neck and arms and appeared to match the description of one of the two men. The LAPD is planning a 4:00pm press conference in Lot G at Dodger Stadium. We'll be back with comments from the LAPD at that point.

Bryan's mother Ann Stow made an appearance on KCBS following the arrest to discuss the update. Naturally she was pleased with the news, but she was also not surprised that an arrest had been made. She indicated in the interview that she was confident an arrest would be made. She said the LAPD had reached out to the Stow family and had expressed a great deal of compassion, promising to make an arrest no matter what it took.

Ann Stow also provided a brief medical update on Bryan's condition. He has been taken off of some of his seizure medications and will be reevaluated tomorrow to determine whether to take him off more medications. He is opening his eyes but they don't know if it is involuntary due to his still unconscious state. It will take some time before they know his exact condition moving forward.