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Giants vs. Padres, MLB Scores: My Two Days at Petco Park

I had the pleasure of going to the San Francisco Giants two game series against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park the last two days, but sometimes I felt like I was still at AT&T.

Tuesday was the Padres home opener, and was sold out and filled to the rafters. People covered the lawn beyond right field, the standing room only was shoulder-to-shoulder, and yet I saw more than my fare share of black and orange. Maybe it’s the nature of San Diego, a known ‘transplant city’ filled with folks from all over the globe. Maybe it was the overwhelming support of Giants fans and their World Series championship. Either way, it was great to see the Giants represent, especially at a NL West rivals house.

Today was the same, except it was half as full as the day before. This was the Petco I’d come to know, except once again, it was a sea of Giants fans. The ’let’s go Giants’ chant blew the Padres’ fans out of the water, and with the 8-4 victory, a lot of the Friars fans had left town before the 8th inning. Timmy was on fire, and Giants fans even got the treat of seeing Brian Wilson for the first time this season.

All in all it was a good two days in downtown San Diego. Can’t wait to go back to Petco.