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Barry Bonds Perjury Trial Week Three: Verdict Likely To Come In This Week

The 2011 Barry Bonds perjury and obstruction of justice trial enters its third week today and is likely to finish up sometime in the next four days. The prosecution is likely to rest their case at some point today. Their primary remaining witness is Dr. Don Catlin from the UCLA Olympic Laboratory. They are also expected to call a couple more chain of custody experts to try and bore the jury into guilty verdicts.

Once the prosecution wraps up, the defense is allowed to start calling witnesses. However, at this point it’s entirely possible the defense will choose to call no witnesses. They could call their own expert on steroid side effects, and they could also call Bonds personal strength and conditioning trainer, Harvey Shields.

At this point you could argue defense witnesses could at best do nothing for Bonds case and at worst provide some unexpected ammunition for the government. I wouldn’t expect that by why give the prosecution any sort of lifeline? At this point, it seems like the government’s only going to get a guilty verdict on Count 2 related to Anderson injecting Bonds (with anything, not just steroids). If that’s the case, short of calling Anderson or Bonds, the defense can’t fight that count. Other than that Bonds is in good shape to walk so why call any defense witnesses at this point?