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Bud Selig Determined to Expand Baseball Season to Thanksgiving

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig recently said at his annual Associated Press Sports Editors meeting that he will look to extend the playoffs from eight teams to 10 in the not so distant future. To many people that sounds like a great idea, especially Major League owners. But to me, it sounds like there will be snowed out playoff match ups with the season being so long. 

Selig spoke about this extension during last year's playoffs, and now is trying to bring his ideas to fruition:

"I would say we're moving to expanding the playoffs, but there's a myriad of details to work out. Ten is a fair number. The more we've talked about it, I think we're moving inexorably to that."

There is still the main issue of scheduling the extra wild-card series, along with how many games the series will have. There's also the factor of how the two wild-card teams from each league would meet to decide who plays the divisional winner. Selig obviously is seeing green when making these decisions, it all comes down to the bottom dollar and how much extra cash they can make. The regular season is long enough, and with an extra playoff series, the World Series could be ending in the middle of November now. But it's not up to me, or you, or any other baseball fan. It's up to the suits, and the suits want to line their pockets. 

If the system was broke, I'd say fix it. But the system is fine, and a tweak is not necessary. But who am I to judge? I'm not wearing a suit.