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Giants vs. Dodgers, In Game Update: Giants Use 2 Out Rally to Extend Lead Over Dodgers to 4-0

The San Francisco Giants took their first significant lead over their rival Los Angeles Dodgers today, using a 2 out rally in the top of the 5th to score 3 runs to extend their lead to 4-0. The G-Men were all over the Dodgers’ Ted Lilly today, effectively knocking him out of the game after 4 2/3 innings allowing 6 hits, 4 runs, 1 walk, and 3 strikeouts on 75 pitches. His replacement Mike MacDougal ended the rally by striking out Pat Burrell.

Miguel Tejada scored the Giants first run in the third with a grounder that scored Mark DeRosa and is now 2-2 for the day with two RBI singles with his second scoring the first run in the fifth. Freddy Sanchez followed Tejada with an RBI double, than Aubrey Huff recorded his first hit of the season with the third RBI of the inning.

Matt Cain is doing well so far, allowing only 2 hits and one strikeout through four innings of work.

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