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VIDEO: Watch Brian Wilson, Cody Ross & Lou Seal Lip Sync Dynamite With Keenan Cahill

Keenan Cahill has become an Internet star (of the good kind). The teenager suffers from Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that stunts growth and development in many areas of his body, and only the purchase of some of the most expensive prescription drugs in the world can help save those stricken with the disease.

But Cahill's not letting his situation get him down. He's transformed into a YouTube sensation by lip synching some famous pop songs online, receiving an incredible 230 million page views from his videos, attracting stars like Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, Jennifer Aniston, David Guetta, and members of the New York Knicks including Landry Fields.

The San Francisco Giants are getting ready to help out the talented 16 year old.

Closer Brian Wilson and outfielder Cody Ross will be hosting "Dynamite: A Fundraiser for Keenan Cahill" on May 25th against the Florida Marlins. Check out the info at the link in the Dynamite quote or go to Keenan's website for more info.

And they even managed to join up with Lou Seal to do a song with him. It wins the Internet for this week. Check out the video after the jump.

Dynamite(With Me and San Francisco Giants Cody Ross & Brian Wilson) (via BeenerKeeKee19952)

(HT imovermyhead from McCovey Chronicles)