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Filed under: MLB Power Rankings: Giants, A's Movin' On Up the List

As the 2011 MLB season is finally in full swing, the power rankings are starting to do some moving and shaking. Team's are going on streaks, some are falling like stars, while others can't get out of the way of their own futility. But out here in the Bay the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's are trying to stay hot and make a move up the rankings, and through three weeks of the season find themselves in decent positions respectfully.

The A's moved up only a single spot for 19th to 18th this week. Oakland has formulated a great pitching staff this season and are looking to make some serious noise in the AL West this season. They have a 3-1 strikeout to walk ration as a whole and a team 2.13 ERA combined in 100+ innings of work already. If they can manufacture some more runs, we might see the green and yellow back in the playoffs.

As for the Giants, they sprung from 12th place to 9th this week after taking 5 of their last 7. They've found a way to hit for more power this season, and their rotation has been pretty solid minus Zito's injury and Bumgarner's rocky start. But There is lot of season left from them to figure it out and if they keep swinging the bats they should be fine. The Rockies still sit in first place in the rankings, but could come back to Earth after this series with the G-Men.