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Giants vs. Rockies, In Game Update: Giants Have Three Home Runs Through Two Innings

The San Francisco Giants came to town looking to slow down the Colorado Rockies’ great start to their 2011 campaign, and have done an excellent job of it thus far. Pat Burrell hit a 3 run jack to left in the first, his fifth of the season, followed by a Nate Schierholtz moon shot that landed in the 3rd deck in right field. The back-to-back jack by Nasty Nate was only the 31st homer to reach the upper deck at Coors Field, and only 3 have come from Giants. The other two? Well, Barry Bonds of course.

Burrell and Schierholtz handed Tim Lincecum a 5 run lead after the first inning, but Freddy Sanchez added a little more with an opposite field home run to right field to make it 6-0 through two innings so far.

With the early lead I’m sure Timmy will look to be extra agressive with the hitters, especially the first pitch. One thing is for sure, it’s never a dull game when it’s played at Coors Field.