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Giants vs. Diamondbacks, MLB Scores: Double Plays, Zito's Foot, Other Random Musings

It was a most interesting win this evening for the San Francisco Giants that came with it’s fair share of crazy incidences. The Giants lost their starting pitcher in the second inning, had 13 hits as a team but only 5 runs to show for it, and had a 7 year player get his first major league at bat of his career.

Barry Zito suffered a mid-foot sprain on his right foot in the second inning as he semi-slid on his knees to nab a popped up bunt from opposing pitcher Joe Saunders. If Zito would have let fall, might have gotten a double play out of it, but instincts always take over, and he nabbed it anyway.

It’s never really a good idea to sit around a think about the ’should’a, could’a, would’as,’ but Zito could have lasted much longer if he didn’t make that play. But he did and consequently is injured, though the x-rays came back negative. The Giants have an off day five days from now, so they could decide to skip his start to give him more time, which I think he needs anyway. He cruised through the first inning, but gave up a single in the second that obviously broke his concentration/confidence. He gave up two runs and a walk thereafter, and that was that for the former Cy Young Award winner. Zito has never missed a start due to injury in 11 years in the majors, but is in serious danger of breaking that streak.

The Giants almost made history tonight as well as they grounded into a remarkable 5 double plays, by five different players. They haven’t hit that many since 2004, and were only 2 shy of the team record of 7 set in 1969. The G-Men should have crushed the D’backs tonight and gotten into their bullpen much earlier than they did, but kept shooting themselves in the foot all night long. Remember, the Giants hit into 158 in double plays last year, second only to the Twinkies 159, and they still won it all, so there’s definitely no panic yet.

Darren Ford has been in professional baseball since 2005, but never recorded a single at bat in the majors until tonight. He unfortunately struck out on 3 pitches, but at least he’s in the record book. Ford should be sticking around for a few more games, at least until Cody Ross and Andres Torres get back in the lineup. I’d like Ford to stay with San Francisco because he is ridiculously fast, an above average outfielder, and has some pop at the plate as well. But there simply isn’t enough room, so enjoy it while you can kid.

As mentioned in the wrapup, Guillermo Mota made his longest appearance ever tonight, lasting for 4 1/3 innings on the mound. His previous mark was 3.0 innings in 2006, which he destroyed this evening.

Lastly, it was Bruce Bochy’s 56th birthday today. Happy b-day skipper, glad the team got a win for ya.