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Barry Bonds Perjury, Obstruction of Justice Trial Guilty Verdict: Juror Explanation Of Three Remaining Counts

In light of the obstruction of justice guilty verdict handed down by the jury in Barry Bonds’ perjury and obstruction of justice trial, there are three counts remaining that the jury was hung. The decision was to declare a mistrial on those counts, and now some of the jurors are explaining the situation on those three counts of perjury.

Now that the trial is over, jurors are allowed to speak about the case, and some have quickly explained what happened in the jury room. On count two, which dealt with injections (of any substance) by anybody other than a Giants trainer or Bonds physicians, the jury voted 11-1 for a guilty verdict. The lone holdout felt that Kathy Hoskins was not sufficiently credible.

On count one the jury was voting 9-3 for acquittal. This count dealt with Bonds saying he wasn’t sure whether what he was taking was any kind of steroid. There’s no word on where the jury was as to count three. Count three was 8-4 in favorite acquittal.

We’ll have plenty more in our Barry Bonds Trial stream as details come out.