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Barry Bonds Perjury Trial Verdict: Guilty of Obstruction of Justice, Jury Hung on Other Counts

After days of deliberation the jury in the Barry Bonds perjury case has finally reached a verdict, but only on one count, forcing a mistrial on the other three. Initially, the court’s public relations representative let the court know that they had reached a verdict on all counts, but later came back with only on verdict and were divided on the others. Here’s how it breaks down:

Count 1: False Declaration: jury divided
Count 2: False Declaration: jury divided
Count 3: False Declaration: jury divided
Count 5: Obstruction of Justice: Guilty

Here’s a reminder on what that count entails:

(18 U.S.C. § 1503)
The defendant is charged in Count Five with obstruction of justice in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1503. In order for the defendant to be found guilty of Count 5, the government must prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

1. The defendant corruptly, that is, for the purpose of obstructing justice,
2. obstructed, influenced, or impeded, or endeavored to obstruct, influence, or impede the grand jury proceeding in which defendant testified,
3. by knowingly giving material testimony that was intentionally evasive, false, or misleading.

A statement was material if it had a natural tendency to influence, or was capable of influencing, the decision of the grand jury.

Statement C:

Q: Did Greg ever give you anything that required a syringe to inject yourself with?
A: I’ve only had one doctor touch me. And that’s my only personal doctor. Greg, like I said, we don’t get into each others’ personal lives. We’re friends, but I don’t – we don’t sit around and talk baseball, because he knows I don’t want – don’t come to my house talking baseball. If you want to come to my house and talk about fishing, some other stuff, we’ll be good friends, you come around talking about baseball, you go on. I don’t talk about his business. You know what I mean? …
Q: Right.
A: That’s what keeps our friendship. You know, I am sorry, but that – you know, that – I was a celebrity child, not just in baseball by my own instincts. I became a celebrity child with a famous father. I just don’t get into other people’s business because of my father’s situation, you see…

The defense is filing a motion for a directed verdict because Bonds wasn’t found guilty of lying about various things, but was found guilty of being evasive.

The next hearing will be on May 20th, although it will not be the sentencing date.

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