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Tim Lincecum's Slow Motion YouTube Video is a Thing of Beauty

The San Francisco Giants' Tim Lincecum has one of the most distinctive and unique pitching styles that the game has ever seen, and now thanks to his sponsors at Red Bull and the Phantom Flex high speed digital camera system, the two-time Cy Young Award winner's delivery has been captured in super slow motion for all to enjoy; and its a beautiful thing to behold. 

The video was shot in Arizona during Spring Training by Red Bull, and is coupled with some of Timmy's own commentary about his pitching style, his upbringing, his mindset on the mound, and how his pitching mechanics function to create his dominant style. The person credited with creating 'the freak' was his Father Chris Lincecum, and I'm not just speaking about biology here. Chris has been Tim's pitching guru since he was a toddler, and described Timmy's technique in Andrew Baggarly's book, A Band of Misfits, like this: 

"He loads like Warren Spahn or Bob Feller, has an extension and a dangle and the looseness of Satchel Paige with the finish and follow through of Bob's pieces of all of's very efficient."

Now Chris Lincecum's creation is one of the most feared pitchers in all of baseball, not because of his presence on the mound but because his stuff is so good it borders an art form. Take a look for yourself:

Tim Lincecum pitching in slow motion - Red Bull Moments (via redbull)