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Giants vs. Dodgers, MLB Schedule Preview: Lineups Set For Game One

The lineups are out for game one of the three-game set between the Giants and Dodgers. The Giants will be sending Madison Bumgarner to the plate to duel with the Dodgers' pitching ace, Clayton Kershaw. Of note in the lineup today is Miguel Tejada batting the leadoff against Kershaw, which may or may not work out. Eli Whiteside is out of the lineup as Posey returns from his day off, while Rowand remains in centerfield as Andres Torres is out with an injury. He's walking without a boot now, but it's reported that he's still got a noticeable limp to his stride.

Your 2011 World Champion Giants Lineup:

SS Miguel Tejada
2B Freddy Sanchez
RF Aubrey Huff
C Buster Posey
LF Pat Burrell
CF Aaron Rowand
1B Brandon Belt
3B Pablo Sandoval
P Madison Bumgarner

And the Los Angeles Dodgers Lineup:

SS Rafael Furcal
2B Jamey Carroll
RF Andre Ethier
CF Matt Kemp
3B Juan Uribe
1B James Loney
LF Marcus Thames
C Rod Barajas
P Clayton Kershaw