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San Francisco Giants Replica Championship Ring Available for Purchase

After the San Francisco Giants received their 2010 World Series Championship rings this weekend, there has been a lot of buzz generated about people wanting to buy one of their own. Unfortunately, the Giants will not make or sell any more of the actual championship rings, but you can now purchase a replica ring to commemorate the Giants epic 2010 season.

The replica looks somewhat similar to the actual championship ring, but has a few key differences such as the word 'Giants' on a diamond coated baseball on the front instead of the diamond encrusted 'SF' logo on the real one. The replica has a picture of the San Francisco skyline while the real one has the Golden Gate Bridge, but both have the likeness of the championship trophy on the other side. You can get your ring customized with your name on it, and have the option to add more diamonds or cubic zirconia, but it all comes with a price. The replica starts at $429.00 but moves up all the way past $3500 with all the options, so make sure you can fit this baby in your budget before you click purchase.

The Balfour ring company has also released a few other pieces of Giants championship jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, and earrings that can be purchased here as well. But if you really, really, want an actual championship ring for yourself, the Giants are holding a raffle for one with the proceeds going towards the Giants Community Fund and the Celebrities for Charity Foundation. There is no substitute for the real thing, but the Giants replica ring comes pretty close.