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Giants vs. Cardinals MLB Series Recap: San Francisco Can't Get The Sweep

The San Francisco Giants are making it a habit to win games in close and exciting fashion. Whether it be ninth inning comebacks to force extra innings that would eventually end in the twelfth in the pivotal home opener, or a ball slammed into centerfield after working a full count with two on and two out in the bottom of the ninth. Their loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in game three notwithstanding, Giants fans (and the team as a whole) should feel good about this past series and what they were able to accomplish in the clutch.

Giants Pitcher of the Series: Matt Cain - It's true that Cain had his earned run streak broken, but if the alternative is the slightly underwhelming bullpen or Jonathan Sanchez, it has to be Cain by default. He did go seven innings with five strikeouts, while allowing five hits and two earned runs.

Giants Hitter of the Series: Miguel Tejada - He got the walkoff in game two that was just amazing, seeing that ball drop into centerfield and out of the guy's hands was great, but he also hit a homerun in game one, a 5-4 victory in game one. It definitely was needed.

Stat of the Series: Brian Wilson's bad outings - Hey, not all stats of the series need to be good ... something awfully telling right now is the two hits and two runs he gave up in game two ... the Giants would eventually win the game, but Wilson needs to get that figured out more than anything, so that's why that stat sticks out.

Upcoming Schedule: The Giants will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers home at AT&T Park for a three-game set beginning on Monday and ending on Wednesday. After that, they're hitting the road again when they face the Arizona Diamondbacks for a three-game set.

Series Results:

Friday: Giants 5-4
WP: Dan Runzler (1-1)
LP: Brian Tallet (0-1)

Saturday: Giants 3-2
WP: Ramon Ramirez (1-0)
LP: Ryan Franklin (0-1)

Sunday: Cardinals 6-1
WP: Kyle Lohse (1-1)
LP: Barry Zito (0-1)