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Barry Bonds Perjury Trial: Released Government Witness List Includes Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Benito Santiago

On March 21 the Barry Bonds perjury trial will kick off with jury selection, followed by an expected three week trial. We'll have a rundown of the trial schedule soon, but in the meantime the government has released a list of their witnesses scheduled to appear in United States vs. Barry Lamar Bonds. The government has released lists in the past, but barring in-trial additions this would seem to be the final witness list. The list includes some technical witnesses, but really this trial will get its publicity from the proverbial who's who of former baseball players. It's not loaded with a ton of huge name players, but Bay Area fans will know most of the baseball players involved.

The baseball players that could testify include all the usual BALCO folks. There has been a lot of back and forth between the government and Bonds' attorneys over the inclusion of player testimony. Since Greg Anderson will likely continue to refuse to testify, the various players are being brought in to testify about their interactions with Anderson. Additionally some of the former Giants will testify to Bonds' admissions to them about use of performance enhancing drugs.

Far and away the two most amusing witnesses are Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy and various representatives from Nike. In their witness list submission the government indicated that Murphy will testify as to the increase in Bonds' hat size. One of the many bits of anecdotal evidence that raised suspicion about Bonds' alleged use of performance enhancing drugs was the drastic increase in his head size. The Nike representatives would be called to testify as to the increase in Bonds' foot size. This is also meant to support the contention that he was using performance enhancing drugs.

Here is the entire government witness list broken down between baseball folks and others.

Baseball Players
Marvin Benard
Jason Giambi
Jeremy Giambi
Bobby Estalella
Mike Murphy (Giants clubhouse manager)
Armando Rios
Benito Santiago
Randy Velarde

Greg Anderson - personal trainer
Kimberly Bell - Bonds' former girlfriend
Kathy Hoskins - Bonds' personal shopper, assistant
Steve Hoskins - Bonds' childhood friend

Wendy Bergland - Special Agent, IRS-CID
Ana Geter - Special Agent, IRS
Jeff Novitzky - Special Agent, IRS-CID
Amjad Qaqish - Special Agent, IRS-CID
Jan Walton - Grand jury reporter
Mike Wilson - Special Agent, IRS-CID

Drug Testing Experts (other medical experts as well)
Dr. Larry Bowers - US Anti-Doping Agency Senior Managing Director
Dr. Don Catlin
Dr. Jean Joseph
Dr. Barry Sample
Dr. Arthur Ting - Bonds orthopedic surgeon
UCLA Olympic Lab witnesses
Doping Control Laboratory, Montreal

Shoe Representatives
Kevin Coles - Fila representative
NIke show representative witnesses

Dale Kennedy
Stan Conte - BALCO
Jim Valente - BALCO