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Brian Wilson's Sportscenter Commercial Explains Why You Should Fear the Beard

The success that the San Francisco Giants have had has brought an increased amount of spotlight shined on the team, especially some of their more eccentric characters. And there is absolutely no one more eccentric than closer Brain Wilson. From his television appearances on Jim Rome is Burning and the George Lopez Show, to commercials for Opening Day and MLB the Show, Brain has been all over the place in the media as of late. And when you make a commercial for ESPN's SportsCenter, it's usually going to be really good (remember "Big Time Timmy Jim")?

Wilson's ad is with SportsCenter anchors Josh Eliot and Jay Harris, as they question him about why his beard just so happens to be scary. It takes them a little why to understand the fear, but Brain makes sure to get his point across. The best part is, his Sharpie-colored orange cleats makes a cameo appearance as well. Check it out, it's hilarious.

This Is SportsCenter: Brian Wilson - Fear the Beard (via ESPN)