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Barry Bonds Trial 2011, Thursday Expected Witnesses: Don Catlin, Arthur Ting, Kathy Hoskins

The Barry Bonds perjury and obstruction of justice trial continues on today with the government approaching the close of their case. The government will bring out Dr. Don Catlin, Dr. Arthur Ting, and Kathy Hoskins. They may have some additional witnesses, but these are the most significant remaining witnesses for the government. This morning will also include reading Bonds' entire grand jury testimony into the official record.

The government spent much of yesterday having witnesses describe chain of custody issues related to Barry Bonds' 2003 urine sample. Now that the details have been laid out, we'll get to hear the substantive testimony from Dr. Don Catlin. Dr. Catlin will testify that the UCLA Olympic Lab performed the testing on the Bonds urine specimen collected by Major League Baseball (MLB). He will testify to the results of those tests and their meaning, including the use and results of the Carbon Isotope Ratio test. Dr. Catlin will testifiy that the results of the test were that he found exogenous testosterone, THG, and clomiphene in the 2003 sample. He will also testify that THG was never available from any source (other than through BALCO and its associates) during the time of the defendant’s THG-positive urine specimen.

After Dr. Catlin testifies, Dr. Arthur Ting will testify as to his work as Bonds' orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Ting will testify as to his physical observations of Bonds as well as his observations of Bonds' interactions with Greg Anderson. He will also testify that he drew blood from Bonds for testing, and that he gave the specimens to Greg Anderson to deliver. Ting will also testify regarding photographs of Bonds.

Kathy Hoskins will be the only other witness today. She will testify that she was hired by Bonds as a personal shopper and assistant. She will further testify that she observed interactions between Bonds and Greg Anderson, including Anderson giving Bonds an injection.

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