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Brian Wilson, New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answer

San Francisco Giants fans, better swoop up your first paper copy of the NY Times in years. Your closer Brian Wilson has finally attained a lifelong dream. He'd stated before that he wanted to be part of Will Shortz's working, the famed crossword puzzle. Jason Turbow has more, and the story of how Wilson got in the crossword puzzle is a more interesting story than you'd imagine. It involves a Google tools engineer and a Santa Clara math/computer science professor, and crossword gathering communities. This is very serious business.


For the benefit of the crosswordophiles, or whatever you call them, I'm not going to ruin it for you and tell you where he's located or what the clue is to his answer, but it should be pretty obvious once you start looking. To access the crossword puzzle online, you'll have to pay for it, so unless you're willing to fork over some serious cash, better hop down and find the nearest copy somewhere.