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Barry Bonds Trial 2011, Tuesday Expected Witnesses: Stan Conte And Bacne

The 2011 Barry Bonds perjury and obstruction of justice trial continues its second week as we get into some of the more circumstantial evidence of the trial. We'll get to hear about Bonds' bacne and other physical changes as former Giants trainer Stan Conte will be testifying today. Conte will testify that he is a licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer who began working for the San Francisco Giants in 1992 and became its head athletic trainer in 2000. He will testify regarding his professional background and qualifications and his job duties with the Giants.

Conte will also testify about certain interactions he had with Bonds, about statements by Bonds about Greg Anderson and the search warrant conducted on Anderson’s residence in September of 2003, and about observations related to Bonds physical appearance while working for the Giants. He will also testify regarding photographs of Bonds contained within various government exhibits. Finally, he will testify about his knowledge of the defendant’s relationships with third parties, such as Steve Hoskins and Greg Anderson.