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Barry Bonds Trial 2011, Wednesday Witnesses Expected Testimony: Jim Valente, Former VP BALCO

The third expected witness on day three of the 2011 Barry Bonds perjury and obstruction of justice trial is Jim Valente, the former vice president of BALCO Laboratories. While Steve Hoskins and Mike Murphy will be testifying about either their knowledge of Bonds steroid use or their personal observations of steroid- and PED-related symptoms, Valente brings potentially strong circumstantial evidence.

As for the former VP of the BALCO Lab, Valente will testify about his personal observations as an employee. According to the government witness list, he'll testify "that Balco served as a blood testing lab that tested individuals for steroids, and referred their blood and urine samples to external labs for testing." He'll go into his personal relationship with VIctor Conte, Greg Anderson, and Barry Bonds. More specifically, he'll testify that he saw Bonds at BALCO on three different occasions and he will discuss his observations and interactions with Bonds.

This is further circumstantial evidence, but the jury could use this to show actual knowledge of what went on at BALCO. It's not as damning as testimony from Greg Anderson would have been, but it provides a stronger link to steroid and PED usage. I'd argue that if Bonds were to be found guilty, this testimony could be a difference-maker. I won't be here this afternoon so I'm hoping Valente isn't able to testify until tomorrow. I'm curious to hear what he has to say about Bonds and also how his testimony stands up under cross examination.

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