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Barry Bonds Trial 2011, Wednesday Witnesses Expected Testimony: Mike Murphy, Giants Clubhouse Manager

As we enter day three of the 2011 Barry Bonds perjury and obstruction of justice trial, the government will bring on witnesses testifying to issues ranging from allegedly "actual" knowledge of Bonds' steroid use and also circumstantial evidence that Bonds knowingly used steroids, and thus lied to the grand jury about such knowledge. This latter bit of evidence is where the testimony of Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy comes into play.

Murphy is expected to testify as to Bonds' increasing hat size. Additionally, based on the government's opening statement, Murphy will testify about the physical changes in Bonds that were consistent with steroid use (such as back acne). The issue the government has in proffering this testimony is connecting the dots between hat size, back acne, etc and Bonds' knowledge that he was using steroids. One of the running jokes about Bonds has been the ever-increasing size of his head. If you google barry bonds head size you get 100,000 results. However, while the jokes will continue, it remains to be seen whether that is enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he lied to the grand jury and obstructed justice. Murphy is a prime example of the problems with the government's case.

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