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Barry Bonds Trial 2011, Wednesday Witnesses: Steve Hoskins, BB Childhood Friend

Today is day three of the 2011 Barry Bonds perjury and obstruction of justice trial. Each evening the court provides a short list of witnesses expected to be called the next day at trial. The order is generally exact, although due to potentially long direct or cross examination, it's not always likely the list will be completed. This morning the trial will begin with the conclusion of cross-examination of former IRS agent Jeff Novitzky, who has been discussing the BALCO investigation and the Steve Hoskins issues. It's appropriate then that witness number two today will be Steve Hoskins, Barry Bonds' former childhood friend.

Given the lack of testimony from Greg Anderson, Hoskins has developed into one of the government's key witnesses, along with Kimberly Bell. Prior to the trial, the government released their entire witness list. Included with each witness was a rundown of their generally expected testimony. This does not cover every detail, but rather provides a basic idea of the planned testimony. When the defense cross-examines the witness, their cross is generally confined to the scope of direct examination. That's not to stop them from raising questions of credibility, but it does confine them to a certain degree.

According to the government:

Mr. Hoskins will testify that he was childhood friends with the defendant and that in approximately late 1992 or early 1993, he began working for the defendant as his assistant. Mr. Hoskins will testify regarding the nature and extent of his working relationship with the defendant, which included handling many of the defendant's personal errands and scheduling, as well as managing the defendant's promotional activities related to his baseball career.

During their relationship, Mr. Hoskins became aware that the defendant was using steroids with the assistance of his personal trainer, Greg Anderson. In this regard, he will testify how he learned of the defendant's steroid use through, among other things, both the defendant's and Anderson's admissions to Hoskins. He will also testify regarding photographs of the defendant contained within government exhibits 46-54. He will also testify regarding the defendant's athletic accomplishments during the relevant time period. Mr. Hoskins will also testify about other aspects of his relationship with the defendant, including handling financial and business transactions for the defendant, as well as the defendant's financial motive to keep his steroid use secret.

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