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Barry Bonds Trial 2011: Live Blog Plans

The Barry Bonds trial enters its second day, with jury selection completed yesterday. Opening statements are scheduled for today, with witnesses starting up in the afternoon. I'll be covering this little shindig until lunch time and then I actually have to go to work. The plan for this week is to blog from 8am to about noon (or whenever they announce the lunch break).

Although we'll have some updates in here, most of the minutiae will come through our SB Nation Bay Area twitter account (@sbnbayarea). You can either follow us through your twitter account, or if you don't have twitter, just click on that link and you can see our updates.

The plan right now is to post updates in our Bonds trial stream after each of the opening statements. Greg Anderson is scheduled to appear before lunch so we'll probably have some related updated around then as well. Whatever the case, make sure and keep an eye on our site and our twitter feed for continual updates throughout the morning.