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Giants v. Rockies: 2011 Spring Training Scores: Game Cancelled Due to Rain

Well, I’m in the road back from my weekend in Scottsdale for some San Francisco Giants Cactus League action, which ended with me getting soaked and the game against the Colorado Rockies cancelled due to a rare Arizona rainstorm. I am currently in the car, and thanks to technology I am writing this on my smartphone (no I am not the one driving right now).

It was a pretty cold day that resembled a game at AT&T more than in Arizona, with the wind blowing hard and the rain coming down the whole time. None of the players looking ready to play, especially for the Giants, with the team taking BP then sitting in the clubhouse until right before the game began. Timmy looked especially frazzled and had a terrible outing, while the fielders were kicking around grounders and making errand throws. It was 5-0 before the game was called, probably a great thing for the G Men, especially with the day off tomorrow.

Well I’ll be home in a few hours and will have a feature for you to enjoy about my trip later this week. Back to navigating my way home.