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Barry Bonds Trial 2011: Jury Selection Complete, Opening Statements Set For Tuesday

The Barry Bonds trial has overcome its first (or at least most recent) hurdle in fairly impressive fashion as it appears a jury has been empaneled for the long awaited perjury and obstruction of justice charge. The jury consists of eight women and four men, with two black women and the rest of the jury consisting of white men and women. The trial will deal with Bonds’ previous grand jury testimony that he did not knowingly take steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs.

The current schedule has opening statements scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. According to folks at the court today, the government requested an hour for its opening statement, while the defense asked for one to two hours. It will be interesting to see what they have to say to fill that amount of time. After opening statements, former Bonds trainer Greg Anderson is scheduled to appear. Barring a crazy change, Anderson will once again inform the court that he won’t testify.

I was not in attendance today but will be coming to you live from the courtroom tomorrow via twitter and this Bonds trial stream. Two to three hours of opening statements won’t make for the liveliest of times, but I am interested in seeing how the two sides frame their cases.