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Barry Bonds Perjury Trial: Barry Bonds Voicemails Inadmissible At Trial

Judge Susan Illston ruled that voicemails Barry Bonds left for former girlfriend Kimberly Bell are inadmissible in Bonds’ upcoming perjury trial. The voicemails were reportedly meant to show Bonds growing angry and hostile, with the inference being that it was due to his steroid use. One example from the voicemails was this:

“Kim, I just paged you … now I’m pissed … I don’t give a (expletive) what, you better just find me. But if I page you, your ass better drop every (expletive) thing and call me back.”

Bell is still expected to testify at the trial. According to the released government witness list, Bell is expected to testify about her relationship with Bonds. She is expected to testify to her observations of physical changes in Bonds body and temperament, symptomatic of steroid use.

Barry Bonds’ perjury trial has been years in the making but will finally kick off next Monday with jury selection. The prosecution’s case has been beset by problems from day one. They’ve had to make multiple changes to the indictment, dropping a variety of charges. They have had numerous pieces of evidence ruled inadmissible due to hearsay issues. They’ve got a witness in Greg Anderson who is the key to their case but continually refuses to testify in spite of repeated stints in jail for contempt.

If this was anybody but Barry Bonds, you have to think the US Attorney would have tried to cut a deal long ago. Or maybe Bonds is just being stubborn. It wouldn’t be the first time. This circus kicks off in full gear with jury selection on Monday, and the trial set to start on Tuesday and last three to four weeks. It should be an interesting few weeks.