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Charlie Sheen Channels His Inner Brian Wilson

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In the aftermath of Charlie Sheen's well publicized personal meltdown and season cancellation of his popular sitcom "Two and a Half Men", the actor has been on a media tour in an effort to explain himself, which isn't always so cut and dry. Sheen seems to be trying very hard to come off quirky, outspoken and somewhat confusing, and with his recent ties to the San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson to research for the upcoming film "Major League 3" it's hard not to see some similarities between the two eccentric characters. But is Sheen trying to do his best Wilson impression or his certifiably insane? 

Last week Sheen went on NBC's "Alex Jones Show" to talk about things like his sobriety, his work problems with CBS, his three girlfriends (whom he affectionately calls 'the goddesses' and have a 'marriage of the heart' between them), and oddly enough Brian Wilson. Wilson was a non-sequitur segway about 12 minutes into the interview in between Sheen's rabid babblings about his life, where he was dubbed an "awesome vatican assassin" by Sheen and is as "radical as you'd think he might be." Quite the compliment from a guy who sounds like he's half way strapped into his straight jacket most of the time. But I must admit Charlie does sound a bit like Brian from time to time. 

Sheen was also interviewed by NBC's Jeff Rossen on the Today show this morning where he used terms like "warlock' to describe himself and "violent hatred" as how he feels about CBS. The most telling part of the interview was when Sheen revealed some interesting ideas about himself:

"I'm tired of pretending that I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not a bitchin', total firggin' rock-star...people can't figure me out. They can't process me. I don't expect them to. You can't process me with a normal brain."

Here is where I think the line between Wilson's eccentricity and Sheen's senility are drawn. Brian Wilson uses his antics to get a laugh, to raise eyebrows. He makes people say 'wow I can't believe he just said/did that.' Charlie Sheen uses his antics to fuel his personal megalomania, to make himself seem better than everyone else. He makes people say 'wow this guy is a gigantic tool.' There's a big difference between dressing up like Captain Ahab on the "George Lopez Show" and talking about yourself like a demigod. Brian Wilson couldn't be further from a delusional kook while Charlie Sheen is undoubtedly one.

Let's face it, Vaughn Taylor is no Brian Wilson, no matter how hard he tries.