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San Francisco Giants Spring Training: Bochy's 'State of the Team' Address

San Francisco Giants skipper Bruce Bochy was on the Murph and Mac radio show on KNBR yesterday, and gave a sort of ‘state of the team address’ talking about how last season’s success affects this season, offseason roster moves, pitching rotation, and how a successful spring training equates to a successful regular season.

Bochy said he was impressed with how the players conducted themselves within all of the hoopla surrounding being World Series Champions, saying that the players will not rest on their laurels of last year and are excited to get back to work. He also spoke about the Giants new (but kind of older) shortstop Miguel Tejada. Bochy talked about how Edgar Renteria was a crucial part of last year’s team becuase of the mentoring role he would have with other players on the team, especially ones of latin decent. Tejada apparently is already stepping into that role, trying to help out any way he can (Tejada already volunteered to be Pablo Sandoval’s workout parter). In terms of the ptiching rotation, Bochy admits that he will announce his rotation later inthe week, but will probably go with 5 guys for most of the season. Boch also had a few things to say about Brian Wilson. Check out the whole interview, it’s interesting stuff.

Bochy will be on the Murph and Mac show on KNBR again later in the week.