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Tim Lincecum Contract Extension: Giants, Lincecum Still 'Far Apart' In Contract Talks

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports the San Francisco Giants and their All-Star ace Tim Lincecum are still a ways away in discussions to sign the two-time Cy Young winner to a long tern deal in San Francisco.

Heyman notes that talks have gone on this winter, but are not in the same ballpark as apparently multiple years and millions of dollars separate each side's respective offers.

The Giants are said to have offered an upgraded proposal of the four years and $80MM they said this past summer Lincecum is believed to be looking for around an eight-year deal according to Heyman, though one and two-year options are likely also on the table. But with a 13-14 record in 2011 largely due to the anemic offense, the Giants will likely have to prove to Timmy that the Bay is a place worth staying for his career with some improved offense.

The Giants control the 27 year old Lincecum through 2013, where he could fetch up to around $25 million through arbitration, something the team obviously would like to avoid.

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