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Melky Cabrera Trade: Giants Aren't Talking Long-Term Deal With The Melkman

As all the hullabaloo surrounding the San Francisco Giants trading for Melky Cabrera continues on, San Francisco Chronicle beat writer Hank Schulman brings to us this tidbit of news regarding Cabrera and his contract status with the Giants:

I'm hearing Giants won't talk multiyear deal with Cabrera. Makes sense. Let him fight for a contract in first walk year.
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Even though Melky had a great year last year, it's very smart of the Giants not to dive head first into long-term contracts with players they aren't sure of down the line (Barry Zito or Aaron Rowand anyone?). The Giants are loaded with outfielders, though I'm sure a few of them are likely to be packing their bags along with Sanchez this offseason, so if Melky doesn't produce next year for the Giants, he can always be traded once more (let's not forget, he's been on four teams in six years).

Hopefully last year's success was the start of an uptick for Cabrera, who undoubtedly will be motivated moving to a serious contender. Sky's the limit for him in San Francisco, hopefully he's aiming high.  

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