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Melky Cabrera Trade: Giants Manager Bruce Bochy Reacts

The San Francisco Giants pulled the trigger on their first significant move of the offseason as they dealt starting pitching Jonathan Sanchez and minor leaguer Ryan Verdugo to the Kansas City Royals in exchange for outfielder Melky Cabrera. The Giants were dealing from a position of strength as their starting pitching has been excellent lately.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy discussed the trade and would not quite commit to a 2012 plan for Cabrera at this point. Cabrera has played solely the outfield throughout his career, but Bochy's decision not to specifically declare a position could open the door for another outfield acquisition.

Whether that is Coco Crisp or anybody else, the team has some time to consider additional moves to improve their offense. The Giants finished second to last in runs scored and second overall in runs allowed. It is safe to say, the time had come to deal some of that filthy pitching to improve their perpetually struggling offense. Cabrera had a career year in 2011, but it remains to be seen whether it was a one-hit wonder year, or a breakout campaign for a player who already has six seasons under his belt but is still only 27 years old.

For now, it looks like he will hit somewhere in the first or second position. If he can build on his 2011 season, he could be a significant acquisition for the Giants. Naturally the folks at McCovey Chronicles have plenty of initial knee-jerk reaction on the trade. Head over to join in the fun.