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San Francisco Giants Offseason News 2011: Pablo Sandoval Will Not Play In Venezuela Due To Contract Negotiations

On Tuesday I mentioned that San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval will be shortening his time in the Venezuelan winter league to about a week, but in a series of Tweets on Wednesday (all in spanish) Kung Fu Panda said that he will not be playing there at all, due to contract negotiations with the Giants. 

His tweets can be found here, but here is what he said (in spanish):

La siguiente noticia es para expresar que no voy a poder participar con los Navegantes del Magallanes y en la pelota invernal organizada de Venezuela. Debido a que me encuentro en plena negociacion de mi contrato con los Gigantes de San Francisco.

A rough translation into English gives us the following (apologizes if grammatically incorrect, but you get the gist):

The following notice is to express that I will not be able to participate with the Navegantes del Magallanes (Venezuelan team) and organized winter ball in Venezuela because I am in full negotiation of my contract with the San Francisco Giants.

Hopefully Pablo's negotiations won't take too long as he plans on spending the majority of his offseason in Arizona working with Triple Threat Performance as he did last winter. He wants to be in better shape this Spring that he was before, even though he dropped around 40 pounds in the offseason last year. 

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