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San Francisco Giants Free Agents: Carlos Beltran Has A New Agent

The San Francisco Giants really need some bats next season if they want to make sure they don't waste their starting pitching this season. So it's imperative they try and bring back a power bat like Carlos Beltran back. However, the big question with the Giants is whether they'll have the money to spend to bring him back.

Luckily, a change in Beltran's agent might be a positive sign for his future sticking right back in the Bay Area.

Carlos Beltran has left Scott Boras and is now represented by Dan Lozano, baseball source tells
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Boras is known as a guy who likes to negotiate top dollar contracts for his players, and would probably have demanded big bucks from Brian Sabean. This would've probably meant Beltran would've been gone if he was the one negotiating with the Giants.

John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle believes San Francisco fans should be optimistic here.

Beltran will be 35 in April, and the Giants might need to overpay at the end of his contract for offensive help in 2012, knowing their elite pitching won't be around forever. With Beltran, Posey, Sanchez and perhaps an in-shape Aubrey Huff, the Giants could afford to play Brandon Crawford at shortstop - over a pricey Rollins, who has some interest in the Giants. And a two-year deal for center fielder Coco Crisp seems doable unless Sabean sees a comeback story in Grady Sizemore.

With that, the Giants would be back in business, and perhaps the Lozano-for-Boras transaction- knowing Boras likes to take his time in negotiations - could accelerate the process.

Beltran seemed to be interested in coming back. This could definitely be a step toward returning.

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