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San Francisco Giants Look To Lock Up Matt Cain As Well

The name of the game for the San Francisco Giants this offseason thus far has been clear- keeping their All-Star rotation intact. The Giants already are trying to tie up Tim Lincecum to a multi-year deal, and now they are trying to do the same for Matt Cain.

From Jon Heyman via Twitter:

#sfgiants trying to lock up cain as well as lincecum, says team prez larry baer. team may favor deals of about 4 yrs
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To use a terrible comic book analogy, Matt Cain is the Robin to Tim Lincecum's Batman, and the dynamic duo alway pack a punch when they are together. Cain's 3.35 career ERA, 1085 career strikeouts, and 1.20 career WHIP are very similar to that of Lincecum (2.98 ERA, 1187 K, 1.19 WHIP), and are arguably the most potent 1-2 punch in the game today. It's no mystery that the Giants have been successful as of late with their arms, so why change the formula now? 

The G-Men have seemed to be 'one hitter away' from being a ridiculously good team instead of a good team over the past few seasons, but still won a World Championship while doing so. Obviously Larry Baer thinks they have another competitive team for 2012, and keeping guys like Cain and Lincecum happy in Black and Orange would do wonders for the team. 

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