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San Francisco Giants Look To Sign Tim Lincecum To Multi-Year Deal

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is clearly the franchise player the Giants want to lock down for the next few years. He's been the face of the franchise for the past few years, and they really want to keep him around to ensure the Giants keep their hot pitching going in the right direction.

Indeed, the Giants aren't as interested in looking at marquee free agents as they are in bringing back Lincecum. Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated reports.

The San Francisco Giants have been quiet so far this winter, but rather than chase free agents their biggest goal at present appears to be to lock up superstar pitcher Tim Lincecum. The Giants will make an attempt to sign the two-time Cy Young winner to a multi-year deal, according to people familiar with their thinking.

The Giants are believed interested in a deal of at least four years -- which would include two free agent years -- and perhaps more. However, Lincecum, 27, has indicated a willingness to go year-to-year. So there's far from a guarantee the Giants can repeat the recent success of their rival Dodgers, who just agreed to terms with their superstar outfielder Matt Kemp on a eight-year, $160-million deal.

Lincecum is approaching the prime of his career, and he's clearly the ace pitcher the Giants do not want to lose to any other big major markets. Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner all figure to be guys that will want their deals too, but if the Giants had to choose among the three over which guy they wanted to sign the most, Lincecum would be first in line.

The Giants won their first World Series in San Francisco behind dominant starting pitching by guys like Lincecum. If they plan on winning another one, Lincecum coming back will be critical to ensuring that shutting down opposing hitting continues at AT&T Park.

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