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Gold Glove Awards Get Televised, Finalists; Pablo Sandoval, Carlos Beltran Included For SF Giants

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On Tuesday, ESPN2 will televise the first-ever "Rawling Gold Glove Awards Show". It's the first time the Gold Glove Award has had a show dedicated to revealing the winners, and it's also the first time the award has had official "finalists." Each position lists three players from teams from both the American League and National League.


For the San Francisco Giants, two "finalists" are named - Carlos Beltran at right field and Pablo Sandoval at third base. Beltran is also listed for the New York Mets, where he was traded from during the season. The Giants severely fell short of expectations in 2011, and Sandoval was also injured for a sizable portion of time, bot both players are very sound defensively. Even while struggling at the plate, Sandoval made some great players at third, so he definitely deserves to be a finalist.


Sandoval is up against Daniel Descalso from St. Louis and Placido Polanco form Philadelphia. Beltran is up against Andre Ethier of Los Angeles and Jay Bruce of Cincinnati. The show will begin at 7:00 p.m. pacific on Tuesday, Nov. 1 on ESPN2.