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San Francisco Giants Offseason News: Giants Re-sign Javier Lopez, Pick Up Jeremy Affeldt's Option

Only days after the World Series and the San Francisco Giants are getting busy on the offseason market. 

The team announced on Sunday that relievers Javier Lopez and Jeremy Affeldt will be wearing Black and Orange next season, two key pieces to the dominant Giants bullpen that won it all just one year ago. 

Lopez, the left-handed, side-armed specialist signed a new two year deal worth $8.5 million, earning half ($4.25 million) in both 2012 and '13. 'The Night Train' had a tidy 2.72 ERA and 1.28 WHIP in 2011, along with 40 strikeouts in 53 innings pitched. His left-on-left specialty tag would lead some to believe that his price tag may have been a little high, but his quality .163 average against left handers is one of the best in the biz, and fits in well with the personel group that includes Brian Wilson, Sergio Romo, and Santiago Casilla

Let's not forget about Affeldt, who got his $5 million dollar option picked up by the Giants today as well, is another important relever that is a welcome sight returning to most Giants fans. The big lefty went 3-2 with a 2.63 ERA in  67 appearnces in 2011, along with three saves along the way. He was one of the most efficient down the stretch, giving up only three earned runs over his last 22 and 1/3 innings before an unfortunate hamburger incident cut his season a few weeks short. His 1.21 ERA after the All-Star break was seventh best amongst National League relievers with a minimum of 20 innings.

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