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San Francisco Giants Announce 2012 Spring Training Schedule

The San Francisco Giants have released their 2012 Spring Training schedule, with a number of intriguing games on the docket.

It's never too early to start getting ready for the upcoming San Francisco Giants season, and with that in mind, the team released it's tentative Spring Training schedule for the 2012 season on Friday.

Pitchers and catchers will report to Scottsdale Stadium around the beginning of February, while the rest of the team will join soon there after to prepare for the upcoming season. The Giants schedule has some intriguing preseason match up, including games with the Brewers (March 5, 10,) Rockies (March 3, 7, 24), A's (March 17), and Cubs (March 13).

For more Spring Training information, check out the Giants Spring Training Headquarters.

ate Opponent Time
March 3 Rockies 1:05pm
March 5 Brewers 1:05pm
March 7 Rockies 1:05pm
March 9 Reds 1:05pm
March 10 Brewers 1:05pm
March 11 Mariners 1:05pm
March 13 Cubs 7:05pm
March 14 Indians 1:05pm
March 17 Athletics 1:05pm
March 18 Padres 1:05pm
March 23 Rangers 7:05pm
March 24 Rockies 1:05pm
March 26 Royals 1:05pm
March 27 Angels 1:05pm
March 28 Dodgers 1:05pm
March 31 Reds 3:05pm