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Giants Being Sued Over Use of "San Francisco" Logo

It already was a disheartening campaign for the San Francisco Giants this year, but one Hayward based company is trying to throw some more on the pile by suing the team over it's use of the "San Francisco" logo.

Apparently neither the Giants nor MLB ever bothered to trademark the logo, so Gogo Sports of Hayward went ahead and trademarked it themselves back in March. Major League Baseball attempted to trademark it April, but were told they couldn't due to the fact that the logo is "virtually identical" logo to one already in the trademark system, basically they were too late to the party. The Giants have used the logo since 1993, but never bothered to make it theirs legally.

Gogo sued last month in federal court looking for declaratory judgment; a judge's blessing that they have done nothing wrong and can legally use the San Francisco logo on their own merchandise. The Giants are claiming that they had established prior use as federal law protects unregistered trademarks, meaning that is essentially theirs without a legal trademark. Source documents of the case can be found here.

Isn't the law fun!

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